Why I Can’t Live Without These 5 Difiaba Products

Why I Can’t Live Without These 5 Difiaba Products

Published by   |   mayo 19th, 2021

Disclaimer: I’m no professional. Sure, I’d like shiny, sleek Kate Middleton-esque hair, but I don’t necessarily know how to get it in the ten minutes I have to do my hair every day! Keep reading for the five Difiaba products I just can’t live without.

Monoi-A Hydrating Shampoo

Ok, let’s get the standard stuff out of the way. It gives me shiny hair, smells nice, etc, etc, etc. Now let’s get to what we’re all really thinking – this is the minimalist, cute shampoo of your aesthetic dreams. The pastel purple color of the whole Hydressence line is begging to be posted to Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or whatever it is that the kids are using now. #nofilterneeded

Monoi-A Hydrating Conditioner

And what is a shampoo without it’s conditioner? I usually use a ton of conditioner – a ton is a highly technical term here meaning that I use half a bottle of conditioner every day – but I can get away with using far less with this conditioner. It smells gorgeous, is incredibly moisturizing, and so Instagrammable.

Monoi-A Leave-In Moisturizer

Naturally, I have very wavy hair that borders on frizzy. I love my waves, but hate the frizz, which is why I spent years straightening my hair. A few spritzes of this leave-in moisturizer on wet hair, however, gives me sleek and defined waves – even in humidity. Yes, you read that right. Even. In. Humidity.

Difiaba Pro-Heat Spray

Prior to discovering Difiaba, I used a lot of heat protectant sprays (well, once I was suitably convinced of the merits of heat protectant – more on this later). It made my hair feel dry and crunchy, but it smelled nice, which was enough for me. Not only does Difiaba pro-heat speed shield smell nice (fresh and fruity, if you like that sort of thing), but it actually moisturizers and protects my hair. Who knew you could have nice smelling hair that wasn’t damaged beyond all hope? Certainly not a fifteen year old me.

Sunveil Daily Mask

Back in my misspent youth (meaning three years ago), I didn’t really understand, and therefore barely used, heat protectant. I did, however, straighten my hair every single day. You can imagine the frizzy, damaged mess that my hair still is. Or rather, was. Before quarantine, I didn’t have time to walk around with a mask in my hair for hours on end, and now that I’m in quarantine, I don’t have the motivation to do so. I can, however, rub this mask into my hair and let it soak for five minutes in the shower – three weeks of doing that, and my hair is not completely new, which is to be expected after spending the better part of four years frying it, but is significantly improved – stronger and thicker.

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