How To Find The Best Hairstylist For You

How To Find The Best Hairstylist For You

Published by   |   mayo 19th, 2021

Finding a stylist isn’t difficultyou could easily book a stylist appointment by ringing your nearest salon. Finding the best stylist for you though? A stylist who specializes in exactly what you want? A stylist who is not only best at her craft, but is also a pleasant person to be with? It can definitely be a tough process. Fear not, as we are here to provide you four easy and stress-free actions to find the stylist of your dreams.

Explore your location/network

Let’s go back to the basics. If you see someone in public with the type of hair you want, simply ask them where they got it done and by whom. If you don’t see anyone with interesting hair in public (or you’re not comfortable enough to approach them), then go on social media. Ask your favorite influencer (or whomever person you think has cool hair), where they got their hair done. Most stylists are also on social media and you’ll be able to find them by using hashtags based on your location. Some hashtags that could be helpful are the following: #NYCHairstylist, #NewYorkHair, and #NYCColorist. From these hashtags alone, you’ll gain more than one million recommendations in your area. If that overwhelms you, you can also be more specific by adding the service you’re looking for like #NYCBalayage.

Your stylist should be able to work with your hair type

If you’re a brunette, then don’t pick a stylist who usually works with blondes. If you want a pink ombre look then find a stylist who specializes in that. It’s tempting to go to a friend’s stylist, but have you thought about what kind of services they specialize in? It’s not enough to just look for someone who is good, they should also specialize for what you’re looking for.

Read your stylist’s client testimonials

Make sure to read any reviews of a stylist that interests you. Just because they have a great portfolio, doesn’t mean they’re a nice person. You should also consider a previous client’s comfortability level. A lot of stylists post their clients before and after looks on their social media. Read the comments and check if their client left any feedback. You can also DM the client themself and personally ask what their experience was like working with this specific stylist.

Schedule a consultation before booking an appointment

A consultation will give you a better opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the salon and the vibe of the stylist. It’s also important to listen to the stylist. Don’t merely look for someone who is going to say yes to everything you want (though that’s not a bad thing). If you want pink hair, but the stylist thinks it might not be the best color on you, hear their reasons and suggestions. This can actually be a good sign that they care about you. Ultimately, this consultation will tell if you should follow through working with this stylist or not.

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