5 Hairdos That Are Always In Style

5 Hairdos That Are Always In Style

Published by   |   mayo 19th, 2021

We all love getting our hair done, whether it’s a haircut or a stylish new ‘do. With new hair comes with a new attitude, confidence and a new outlook on life. Here are 5 famous hairdos that will never go out of style. You don’t have to be a professional to re-create these hairdos either!

Sleek Ponytail

It’s simple, chic, fashionable, and you can do it in 10 minutes or less! It’s quick, efficient, and a great confidence booster. This hairstyle works with outfits ranging from athleisure to evening wear. All you need is a tail comb, hairspray, the Sunveil™ Firm Hold Gel Body-Building for Firm Hold and Control, a hair tie and a toothbrush. The Sunveil Firm Hold Gel Body-Building for Firm Hold and Control has an excellent hold with a weightless, clean feel! Say goodbye to crunchy hair.

First, you separate the middle part of your hair with the tail comb. Then you can brush the rest of your hair with the tail comb. If you have tangled and knotted hair and you’d rather use a hairbrush you normally use, then go for that to brush the rest of your hair. Put your hair into a low ponytail so it’s easier to apply the wax. Apply the hair gel on your toothbrush and brush out the middle part with the toothbrush for a sleek appearance. Now you can officially put your hair into a low ponytail. While you’re putting your hair into a low ponytail, use the hair gel to smooth the back. Then, take some hairspray and apply it to the top of your hair and your ponytail as well. Now you’re ready for the day!

The 90’s Baby

Did you like the 90’s hairstyles? What if I told you they’re really easy to recreate? Do a fun throwback with a 90’s inspired hairdo! It’s simple, fresh, and it’ll never go out of style! Just think of all the fashionable outfits you can wear with the 90’s hairdo! All you need is a tail comb, hairspray, a flat iron and the Sunveil Pro-Heat Thermal Protectant and Blow Dry Spray. The spray will help repair, strengthen, and smoothes hair and it will remain undamaged with tools up to 450 degrees.

You can use the tail comb for the middle part and slide some of the hair-not too much from the right side to the left side. Use a bobby pin or a hair clip for the front part of the hair. Brush your hair and put it in a high ponytail, use the hairspray and you can use two hair ties. Unclip the front part of your hair, brush it, and clip it to the back near the ponytail. From the ponytail, take a small section of the hair and wrap it around the hair tie and bobby pin it. Before you use a flat iron, make sure to protect the hair from the heat with the Sunveil Pro-Heat Thermal Protectant and Blow Dry Spray. Then use the flat iron for the bottom part of the front section of the hair and do a little curl at the bottom. Now you’re looking like a 90’s babe!

Perky High Ponytail

There’s nothing wrong with doing a basic ponytail but have you ever felt your ponytail needs a little twist? Now you can with the Perky High Ponytail! Before doing any hairdo, you need to brush it so it’s smooth. Then, use a hair tie and put your hair in a high ponytail. If your hair has a hard time staying in a high ponytail like mine does, then use a second hair tie and you can even use a scrunchie. You can use the Sunveil Impulse Volume Lightweight Volumizing Spray on the front parts of your hair for instant and long-lasting volume while the spray protects hair from any styling damage.

Use a hairspray so the style will last longer. Similar to the 90’s Baby hairstyle, you can use a flat iron or if you have a curling wand, curl the ends of your hair for that perky look and brush out the curls. To top it off, you can use a ribbon and tie it around your hair ties. As always, you can pair the hair with any outfit you desire! Personally, I can only imagine wearing this with a white turtleneck and a plaid skirt while going out with the girls! Or, you have always take yourself on a date, don’t forget the pictures!

Beach Waves

Do you want that sexy looking hair without having to go to the beach? You can use a curling wand to achieve this look. If you’re like me and are too lazy to wait for the curling wand to heat up and curl my hair then here’s a not-so-secret tip for you!

Before and after I wash my hair, I like to use the Hibiscus Formula Shine Drops to keep my hair hydrated, shiny and add dimension. This shine drops is best for medium to coarse hair types. This may sound weird but bring your body forward and down to the ground. Don’t let your hair touch the ground and blow dry your hair while you’re upside down. Trust me, it’ll seem like you have a lot of hair.

As always, use your comb or a hairbrush to make your hair smooth, tangle and knot-free! Then, you’ll style your hair into tight braids. I’m terrible at braids but I do what I can to make it tight and presentable. You can also do a quick search on YouTube on how to braid your hair if you don’t want to eyeball it. You’re going to want a sea salt spray. I like to use one without chemicals so it won’t dry out my hair. Use the spray on your braided hair and let your hair air-dry. I usually do this at 7 or 8 a.m. and let it air-dry for an hour or so. After an hour you can take the braids out and voila! You now have beautiful sexy beach waves!

Sleek Low Bun

You’ll look elegant, classy, and it’s perfect for on-the-go. You can wear this while you have sweatpants on or if you’re feeling high fashion, wear a white t-shirt, jeans, peacoat or kimono, a purse and you’re off wherever your heart desires!

After you brush your hair, choose which part you want and take a bit of water and spritz a bit on the top of your hair. You can use a face mist if you don’t want to run tap water. Then, take the styling comb and make your hair as smooth as you can. Take your hands and have all of your hairs behind your ears. If you have thick hair like I do, use two hair ties and put your hair into a ponytail. If you have thinner hair, you can use one if it’s better for you. Now, you’ll twist your ponytail and throw it over your hair ties to wrap it. Use the Sunveil Naturally Straight Taming Balm for a smooth, straight, healthy looking frizz-free hair. It helps tame frizz and has a light hold. Also, use hairspray for the final touch so your hairstyle can last all day!

Take a look at what you’ve created with your hair and outfit, you look like you’re fresh out of a magazine! These five styles are simply chic and it looks good on everyone! Whatever hairstyle you do, don’t forget to take care of that beautiful hair of yours!

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