10 Ways To Keep Hair Safe From The Sun

10 Ways To Keep Hair Safe From The Sun

Published by   |   mayo 19th, 2021

The sun is shining, we can feel the heat on our soft skin and our beautiful hair. The only thing we want to do is go out.

If your hair has been exposed to the sun for too long, the sunrays can damage the outside cover of your hair strand, called the cuticle. Some of the signs of sun damage to your hair include discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning and frizziness. Your hair will look and feel very dry. The Sunveil Hair Product Line is perfect for everyday use, protecting hair from UV rays, will extend your gorgeous hair color life. Plus, everytime you use this line, everyday will be a marvelous hair day.

1. Keep Hair Protected

Everyone needs a good shampoo and conditioner. So why not use ones that will improve your hair day, protect hair from UV rays, and extend your gorgeous hair color life. Doesn’t that sound fantastic and fully possible? Use the Sunveil Moisturizing Shampoo Daily Use Cleanser and Sunveil Daily Mask Moisture Replenish Conditioner. After using these products, you won’t be able to stop touching your marvelous, silky smooth hair!

2. Leave-in conditioner

We all have those days where we don’t want to wash our hair everyday or every other day. You just want to be on the move, doing things you want to get done. That’s why you need a leave-in conditioner that protects hair from UV rays. The Sunveil Core Tonic Leave-In Conditioner Mist is weightless and protects hair from sun rays. This mist boosts your hair vibrancy and manageability.

3. Healing Oil

Nourish your hair with a fast absorbing healing oil with the Sunveil K3 Intense Restorative Keratin Cream. This is great to use when your hair is wet or dry. It’ll keep your hair straight and smooth until your next shampoo! That way, you can run errands or straight to work!

4. Tame Your Hair

Instead of waiting for your hair to air-dry, you want to feel fabulous and glam, as you should! The Sunveil Naturally Straight Taming Balm has a light hold and is a heat-activated styling balm that gives you smooth, straight, healthy-looking frizz-free styles. Sounds like a dream, right? It’s perfect for frizz-control and has a natural color protection.

5. Hair Oil

The Sunveil Ultra Velvet Pliable Smoothing Serum is another oil that prevents unwanted frizz while leaving your hair shiny, adds definition and light reflection to dull hair. It provides smoothness, manageability and natural movement without that greasy feeling. This will make your hair texture soft, eliminates frizz and gives you that luxurious feeling.

6. Heat-Protectant Spray

The Sunveil Pro-Heat Thermal Protectant and Blow Dry Spray is the perfect base to use before using any hot tools. This spray will repair, strengthen and smooth your hair. When using this spray, your hair will remain undamaged even if you’re using tools up to 450 degrees and give you that ultra-shine effect. This is also safe when using extensions.

7. Hair Gel

Do you ever feel like your hair never stays in place? Like, whenever you’re looking in the mirror every couple hours, your hair is frizzy or little hairs stick up? You don’t have to worry about that when you’re using the Sunveil Firm Hold Gel Body-Building for Firm Hold and Control. This is a body-building gel with excellent hold and control with a lightweight, clean feeling. This won’t weigh down your hair and will not give you flakes or a sticky residue.

8. Semi-Matte Finish

The Sunveil Texture Fiber Semi-Matte Finish is a hydrating formula that gives you control for definition and structure with anti-frizz benefits.This is great for emphasizing textured cuts and styles. This will not give you a greasy feel and is resistant to humidity.

9. Styling Wax

Whenever you finish a hairstyle, you need a perfect finishing touch. WIth the Sunveil Styling Wax Separation and Shine, it gives your hairstyle definition, shine and control. It’s perfect for defining the ends and separating strands.

10. Voluminous Hair

Everyone wants voluminous hair! I’ll let you in on a little secret. You need to use a lightweight, highly effective volumizing spray that provides instant and long-lasting volume while protecting hair from styling damage. Guess what? I just described the Sunveil Impulse Volume Lightweight Volumizing Spray. This is an essential and will never let you down!

These are the 10 products in the Sunveil line that will protect your hair from UV rays while having your hair looking unbelievably beautiful! Have fun in the sun without any hesitations!

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